Sunday, 25 March 2018

Final Sketchup Model and Images

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Overall model in its landscape
Revival Cycles and Gucci: The profiles of each of the buildings and their relationship to the landscape

Revival Cycles Perspective of the front and back

Revival Cycles Stair

Revival Cycles Plan View Top Level
Revival Cycles Plan View Bottom Level
Revival Cycles Side Section
Revival Cycles Interior
Glass planes allow floor to ceiling views with the beams casting shadows.
Gucci View From Top Without Lattice Roof
The stairs flow from top to bottom, down the levels of the building.
Gucci Stair
Gucci Plan View First Level
Gucci Plan View Second Level
Gucci Plan View Third Level
Gucci Side Section
There are three layers of lattice frame structures present
Gucci Interior
The lattice frame structures cover the underground building while letting in natural light. The frames cast shadows that move throughout the day.
Sections of the stairs

Draft Model Images

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