Sunday, 29 April 2018

10 Concepts

Louis Kahn (Dead)

1.  LIGHT: All matter is made of light and this matter casts shadow and together the rhythm of light and shadow defines a space.
2. ROOM: Each space should have its own shape and form.
3. JUXTAPOSITION: He juxtaposes both materials and geometry, using not only conventional materials like concrete, but also using timber in unexpected ways. 
4. SERVANT AND SERVED: There is a relationship between servant and served spaces, whereby servant spaces like stairways and corridors facilitate the function of the served living spaces.
5. HIERARCHY: He establishes a hierarchy of spatial organisation in that primary spaces are often centralised, whereas secondary spaces are placed on the fringes.
Balkrishna Doshi (Alive)
6. SITE: "Landscape is the primary architectural mediator, the ground and building are inseparable."
7. LAYERED: The architecture features overlapping layers and transitional areas which encourages fluid and adaptable living conditions, customary in Indian tradition.
8. BRUTALIST: Brutalism and ruggedness of raw materials such as brick and concrete.
9. COLUMNS: The use of columns to define a space.
10. FLUID: Flexible rather than rigid approach to the structure (“The space… gradually evolves; it modifies and acts as a catalyst." )

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