Sunday, 25 March 2018

Experiment One Sketchup Animations and Inspiration

Experiment One Animation One: Stairs, Materials and Interior

Experiment One Animation Two: Sectional Analysis of Above Ground Model (Revival Cycles)

Experiment One Animation Three: Sectional Analysis of Below Ground Model (Gucci)


The terrain was inspired by Pointe du Payre in France

I was inspired by the Cliff House in Nova Scotia Canada and the way in which the building harmonises, in form and material, with the site it is located on.
In my revival cycles model I used regular, rectangular forms to highlight the mechanical and industrial nature of a motorcycle and the flat and jagged forms of the small cliff edge on which it is located. The metal pipes that extend from the building, were influenced by a motorcycle engine and mimic the fall of the cliff edge in profile and in colour. 
The Gucci building's curved lattice structures which protrude from the earth are intended to mimic both oil droplets and the rocks in it's surrounding area.

 The flowing, continuous table within the Gucci building was inspired by this studio table.

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