Sunday, 25 March 2018

Client's Work in the Studio and Textures in SketchUp Model

Revival Cycles

Client's Work
Cracked (harsh, concrete like material) and Faceted (rough, textured plastic like material)

Client's Work

Flowing (malleable, wood like material) and Opalescent (flowing, marble like material)

Middle Space
Mosaic (rough, segmented material)

YouTube Video on the Use of Wood in Buildings

Like in some of the structures depicted in this video, I have used two different representations of wood to create organic forms in my studio space design for Gucci. The tables and supporting columns are constructed of wood with the grains exposed. The floors of the building show a different representation of wood (shown in brown in the above image of my Gucci SketchUp model). In the first and second levels, the wood is visible from the sides but not from the bottom or top, while in the lowest level, the wood is visible from the top. The flowing look of wood grains was used to allude to flowing liquid and the red/ brown colour was used to link the Gucci studio space to the red sandstone of the terrain. 

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