Friday, 22 June 2018



“tool-making aspect of human agency”,   “ highly specialised scientific and technological knowledge”… “mental and the other physical activity”… “human beings are planning agents”… “building a prototype is seen as an integral part of the actual designing phase.”

knowledge, mental, physical, prototyping, designing

The core of engineering is the engineering design process, involving mental and physical activity where designing and prototyping are intertwined. Creating a learning and experimenting space where knowledge and science is the foundation and the mental and physical stages overlap.

The building is based on a large, flowing studio space that spans multiple levels. This space can have within it, multiple smaller spaces, based on the requirement. The lecture theatre and the library are the foundations of the building, either being at the very base of the building or being linked to all other spaces. The large, flowing studio space acts as a network that links all the different aspects of engineering, from learning to experimenting, to application. This idea of a network rather than a progression comes from the engineering design process being almost cyclical.

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