Friday, 22 June 2018

18 One Point Perspectives

1. Below- The idea of a network where the different prisms are linked in multiple places
2. Eye level- The circulation of people underneath the building
3. Above- the idea of a bridge, it spans a large horizontal area
4. Below- A bridge that spans with no attachment to the ground
5. Above 
6.Eye level- the circulation of people through the building 

7. Eye-level- circulation of people under the building
8. Above- circulation of people on the rooftop area
9. Below- massing of building
10. Eye-level- massing of building and the structure spans like a bridge
11. Below- Circulation of people underneath the building
12. Above- circulation of people underneath the long element of the building
13. Eye-level- circulation of people through parts of the building
14. Above- The structure is shorter but still acts as a network
15. Below- The circulation of people around and behind the structure
16. Below- the circulation of people underneath
17. Eye-Level- The circulation of people in between elements of the building
18. Above- the building has a foundation on which it stands

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