Friday, 22 June 2018

Final Models

Sketchup Model

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Lumion Model


 The building is based on the idea of a network and in I drew influence from cobwebs which links different area together.

The building links together the Tyree building and the Square House, bringing together engineering and design.
The rooftop of the Square House is linked to the second level of the building

The staff office is open to allow a flow of communication between the staff members and is slightly screened off from the rest of the level.

A seating area where students can study and relax
The lecture theatre is at the end of the building and is visually open to all three levels, acting as another form of a foundation in the theory
The third level contains two studio spaces and a classroom space with walls that can lift up to create an open space

The classroom in the third level

The computer labs on the third level are open to the rest of the building so that the space flows

The library is linked to the squarehouse and is at the very bottom of the building thus acting as a foundation of knowledge

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