Sunday, 29 April 2018

Final Models and Images

Overview of Tram Stop and University
Five Prisms One- Tram Stop
The architecture features overlapping layers and transitional areas which encourages fluid and adaptable living conditions, customary in Indian tradition
The tram stop flows from ramp to seating area to boarding area, with no distinct functional boundaries between them. The grass ramp acts as a second waiting area and the stairs to the boarding area also acts as seats.
Five Prisms Two- Linking the Tram stop to the Context
“All matter is made of light and this matter casts shadow and together the rhythm of light and shadow defines a space.”
Ramp and L-shaped shades are arranged to cast shadows that create a rhythm of light and shade. The columns and rectangular supports under the ramp further this rhythm. Lighting from within the shelter roof gives a sense of mysterious light.

Night Time Views:
The Ramp linking the University to the Tram Stop and the Sheltered Areas Along the University Mall

The shelters consist of a bimetal roof with pores that open according to the sun’s heat, allowing for a more controlled temperature underneath it. The ramp is covered in grass to visually link the university grounds to the tram stop.

The Tram Stop At Night Time

Sketchup Model

Lumion Model (done in Lumion version 7)

Additional Images
View From the Crossing
 View From Tram Station

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