Sunday, 25 March 2018


Model One

Stair Sections for Oily and Shear

Material Selection:
The stairs for Gucci are in the same plastic as the building, similar to oil flowing from the structure. The structure and staircase make up one unified form.
The stairs for Revival Cycles are made of metal and timber. The metal steps are supported by timber beams. The timber breams contrast the metal like the landscape contrasts the sharp edged building.

Model Two


Stair Sections for Friction and Oily

Material Selection:
The stairs for Revival Cycles are in concrete, grounding the steel building. The use of concrete also links to the harsh, industrial connotations of a motorcycle. The heavy concrete slabs are placed vertically to mimic a motorcycle engine's cooling fins.
The stairs for Gucci are made of white marble. The flowing lines found on marble and the curved, irregular profile of the stair treads allude to flowing oil. The stair treads increase in size as they move down to add to this flowing effect. The supports for the stairs are made of wood where the flowing grains on wood and the curved cylindrical shape are inspired from the clinging of fluid when dripping from one surface to another and the heel from Gucci's shoe.

SketchUp Model (Friction- Revival Cycles) with stairs

SketchUp Model (Oily- Gucci) with stairs

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